April 28, 2007

Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee

Happy Birthday, Kassie!

My beloved celebrates her birthday today; the twenty-one year-old young lady I married has grown into a woman that I cannot imagine life without. She is my best friend. Besides being hilariously funny, impossibly patient, and always sensible, she above all things keeps me Christian, pointing me again and again back to the basic articles of the Faith when I am wavering. What would I do without her? It is too horrible a thought to contemplate.

The picture was taken at the Ristorante Sacro e Profano in Rome last autumn, where we celebrated our tenth anniversary. I botched the lighting in the picture (must have been the wine!), but it is one of my happiest memories; after dinner we walked to the Trevi Fountain to eat our gelato. What could be better?

Happy birthday, Kassie!

UPDATE: Kristina was kind enough to "[take] a little Photoshop magic" to the picture - the results are much better. Thanks, Kristina!


Julia said...

This post was adorable! Please pass on my birthday wishes to Kassie.

Rev. Scott Klemsz said...

A Blessed Birthday to Kassie. Hope we can see you both sometime.

Scott and all.

Frustrierten Wikingen said...

Kassie: Our love to you from Minnesota, always. You are the Best!

Love from the Minnesota Esgets

Kristina said...

Happy belated birthday to Kassie! I agree, the world is better with her in it!