April 27, 2007

Virginia in the Springtime

I miss my Minnesota home. Life in northern Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., can be hectic. Nobody seems to be from here or staying here; everything lacks a sense of rootedness. Many of the people in our church don't live near the church--even I don't live near the church--which makes building a sense of community difficult. As the years begin to heap up, sometimes I want to go home.

Yesterday Kassie and I were talking about the beauty of her home state, Oklahoma. The auburn earth stretches out seemingly without end, the horses run, and the sky is both darker and brighter in the absence of so much artificial illumination.

This was the context for our sudden, shared realization this morning. Despite the cloudiness and rain of a somewhat dark morning, we saw something that has taken us six years to recognize: Virginia is beautiful in the springtime. Minnesota will always be home, even if I never live there again. But the splendor of God's creation is on full display as the earth blooms forth again in Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Virginia forever!! And this from an upstate New Yorker.

Richard Townes said...

Pastor, you and Kassie should go to Staunton, VA sometime. There is a great bed and breakfast there named the Frederick House, and the Shenandoah Valley is simply beautiful!

Kristina said...

I know the feeling. It took me 3 years to learn to tolerate the DC area and another 6 to learn to like it. I still miss the wind, the light, and the open skies of Texas, and the bluebonnets in April, but here the dogwoods in springtime and the maples in the fall are glorious. It's beautiful, just different.