May 30, 2007

The Christian Option

Lina Joy, born Azlina Jailani, is an Indonesian woman who converted from Islam to Christianity. She has been in hiding since 2006, fearing attacks by Muslims, who cannot abide freedom of religion. What will happen when the Muslim populations overrun Europe and then America? Freedom may be lost without a bullet ever being fired. From the article in Monday's Washington Post:

"It is not about one person, it is about challenging the Islamic system in Malaysia," said Muslim Youth Movement President Yusri Mohammad, who set up a coalition of 80 Islamic groups to oppose Joy's case. "By doing this openly, she is encouraging others to do the same. It may open the floodgates to other Muslims, because once it is a precedent, it becomes an option."

What an incredible privilege to live in the great nation of the United States of America, where Christianity - or another religion, or no religion - is an option. How long shall it remain so? And should freedom of religion extend to those whose religion calls for the destruction of those who disagree?

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