June 29, 2007


This video, which many apparently find humorous, is deeply disturbing:

The phrase "Oh my God" is of course very common in our society. It is a response both to mundane events and great troubles. I suppose what I find so disturbing in this video is its indiscriminate use by such a young child. The real god being worshiped here is the toy itself.

A dear friend recently woke up to a disturbing sound and shouted, "O my God" (note the "O" [vocative], not "Oh"), but was concerned that the Second Commandment had been broken. The meaning, my friend said, was "O God, save me, help me, I am frightened," but in the moment of terror the only words that would come were, "O my God."

I think that is a commendable use of such words. In our moments of greatest anxiety and trouble, they are often all that we have: "O my God," "Jesus, help!" and "Lord, have mercy!"

Whatever your heart clings and entrusts itself to, that, I say, is really your god. Let it not be a video game machine or an iPhone.

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