June 6, 2007

Pelted with Dung

I think I've found a use for the baggies of warm excrement I see dog-walkers carrying about in my neighborhood. (Just who is the master in that relationship?) Hurl them at clergypersons who neglect the Catechism! Actually the idea is not mine but Luther's:

Shall we easily despise such power, profit, strength, and fruit--we, especially, who claim to be pastors and preachers? If so, not only should we have nothing given us to eat, but we should also be driven out, baited with dogs, and pelted with dung. We not only need all this every day just as we need our daily bread, but we must also use [the Catechism] against the daily and unending attacks and lurking of the devil, the master of a thousand arts.

(Large Catechism, Longer Preface, 13)


Paul T. McCain said...

Yes, it is a wonderfully colorful way of putting it. And the German here is precisely "droppings." Clearly a reference to excrement.

Susan said...

Would this post have something to do with the "firm correction" in the previous post's hymn stanza?