July 22, 2007

Sleeping with Harry Reid

Parishioner Mark Hemingway, a naturally funny writer, has a great blow-by-blow of the recent Senate filibuster. My Minnesota self perked up at this bit:

8:34 A.M.
Who the heck is “Senator Amy Klobuchar”? Wikipedia tells me she’s the junior senator from Minnesota, but amazingly I’ve never heard of her. Supposedly she’s a former Mondale aid and a former county prosecutor. Now maybe she’s really tough as nails and this is all some Fargo-like deception, but she seems really timid speaking and everything about her Minnesotan self screams “I’d rather be making hot dishes.”
(I hadn't heard of her either. Clearly my parents are doing a poor job keeping me in the loop.)

Check out the whole thing here.

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Past Elder said...

Is she related to Jim Klobuchar?

I'm an ex Minnesotan myself, since 1972, and if memory serves he was a columnist for the Minneapolis Tribune. You're probably younger than I am (most of the Lutherans I agree with are, and most of the Lutherans I disagree with are about my age doing things they think will attract you guys, but that's another story) so maybe you don't remember Jim either.