July 22, 2007

5 Blogs That Make Me Think

My friend, Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch--in a fit of unthinking generosity, no doubt--nominated me for the "Thinking Blogger Award." (Origins and rules are here.) I just discovered his blog, and I'm sure it will fast become a favorite. When I met Dr. Stuckwisch, he was an STM student at Fort Wayne during my first year there. His gentle critique of my idiotic paper for "Lutheran Worship" class will always be remembered by me as an act of pastoral wisdom and gentlemanly behavior. His lecture on Deus Absconditus while filling in for the late Heino Kadai demonstrated to me that as a student he was more advanced than my professors (and I loved and respected most of my professors).

He already mentioned two of my own favorites:

Here are four other blogs that Make Me Think:
  • GetReligion - excellent commentary on religion coverage in media - I would read it even if parishioner M.Z. Hemingway didn't write for GetReligion
  • Pacifist Viking - I first discovered this blog looking for Minnesota Vikings commentary; what I found is wonderful writing on sports and other issues from a generally left-wing perspective that is nonetheless hilarious and engaging
  • incarnatus est - fellow SED Pastor Greg Alms reads a great deal and is quite insightful
  • Gottesblog - liturgical commentary and grammatical rants from the editor-in-chief of Gottesdiest
Thanks, Dr. Stuckwisch - I will try to live up to your undeserved praise!

Addendum: I see that Susan's Pendulum had nominated me for the same award (thanks Susan!). I really need to keep up...

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