August 27, 2007


Why does God allow His children to suffer?

I know the theological, Biblical answers to that question. Whom the Lord loves, He chastens; every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it might bear more fruit; and surely we deserve nothing but punishment. Shall we receive good things from the LORD, and not evil?

But what the mind knows, the heart does not feel in the midst of trial. I know, by faith, that God loves me, and even now He is blessing me. I suppose this is why I am a liturgical Christian [it's sad those words aren't redundant; they go together in my understanding of the Faith] - the liturgy, filled with Scripture, tells me to believe in the mercy of God. So many experiences in life tell me not to--even tell me God must hate me--and yet, I still believe, though now I see it only through dim, foggy glass.

Kyrie eleison


Richard Townes said...

This past month has been very hard for me, and I feel as though I have felt nothing but the rod from our Lord. This morning I sat in my Theory and music literature class, and the professor played for us the beginning of Bach's b minor Mass. Hearing kyrie eleison in that setting struck me to the core. In that brief moment was the summation of my life. Lord God heavenly father, have mercy on me a sinner. You are correct, in desperate times we should cling to the promise the liturgy conveys to us.

Rev. Christopher S. Esget said...

Bach knew his own share of troubles, and for my money there is nothing that gets closer to the core of the human experience and the essence of Christianity than Bach's Messe in h-moll. Isn't it great to be a Lutheran?

Richard Townes said...

It truly is a blessing to have such a great heritage.