August 6, 2007

St. John Coltrane

One of my favorite programs on Sirius Radio is "Trane Tracks" - I have to "sneak" my jazz listening, as the Chief Wife only tolerates jazz in small doses. So, I love jazz - always have.

But this is ridiculous.


David said...

I guess we won't be hearing the Introit set to "India" or "Afroblue" anytime soon at Immanuel, Alexandria!

FYI: The Byrds stole the riff for "Eight Miles High" from Coltrane's "India".

Past Elder said...

Did you ever hear the Duke Ellington/John Coltrane album -- the two of them with the rhythm section from the Ellington band?

Pretty amazing!

Lutheran Enigma said...

Will you be encouraging the LCMS's CTCR to enter into dialogue for potential altar and pulpit fellowship? ;)