September 9, 2007

Great Day

Divine Service this morning - Ninety minutes of constant joy;
A quick bowl of oatmeal - how can something so simple be so delicious?
Meeting day - Elders, Board of Education, Executive Board - long but productive;

And then...
my Sirius radio claims to be able to pause and replay up to 45 minutes; but when I set it up after church on channel 125 for the Vikings home feed (can Paul Allen call a game, or what?), and then came to the car after the meetings, I found that it had recorded over one hour and forty minutes - I got to listen to the entire second half!

Then home to watch the Redskins eke out a victory against the Dolphins. Vikes and Redskins both undefeated - God is in His heaven, and all is right with the world.

Thanks to the Daily Norseman for this bit of cheer:

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