September 21, 2007

Jesus, I'm Not in Love with You

That's the provocative title to a piece by John Stackhouse. His first paragraph:

One of the blights upon the hymnological landscape today is the continued presence of what we can fairly call the “love song to Jesus” genre. It’s been around as long as there has been Christian pop music–and even earlier, depending on what you make of sentimental gospel songs in the nineteenth century, eighteenth-century revivalist hymns, and especially a lot of the mystical poetry-cum-lyrics of certain medieval saints.
Stackhouse mentions that singing "Jesus, I'm in love with You" gives him the "homoerotic creeps." Good Lord, deliver us!


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

There is a hilarious South Park episode where Cartman decides to make money with his rock band -- by taking already existing love ballads and just putting "Jesus" in the name. He makes a ton of money until some of the lyrics start mentioning erotic acts.

"What? You're not in love with Jesus? How can you criticize me when I say I'm in love with Jesus?"

Sad, but funny.

Rev. Christopher S. Esget said...

I'm not familiar with South Park, but that sounds pretty funny.