October 13, 2007

The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

So says "What Was that Bang?" in a hilarious little piece on text messaging and the end of Western civilization.

A snippet: "Annoying and lazy teenagers were already in the process of destroying civilization with their text messages, but now it has been legitimized." And: "When language reaches such shorthand that we don’t need vowels, the terrorists have already won."

Read "Peter King Quotes Text Message, Hastens Fall of Civilization."


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

If the Israelites didn't need vowels, I don't see why we do!

Rev. Christopher S. Esget said...

Yeah, but just try to read your BHS without the vowel points - it's hard enough with them!

(Hebrew was the very first thing I thought of, too, when I read that line.)

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Actually, I used to annoy WAM III because I would bring in an unpointed text that I printed up from on-line. I learned modern Hebrew first which doesn't use the points (except in the dictionary) - and I was much more comfortable reading unpointed Hebrew.

Besides - I would point out that the points where not added until around 1000 AD by Jewish Rabbi. After 1000 years I consider the vowel points to be anti-Christian commentary and hence unreliable, and unneeded for translation.

I could be an annoying student. What you saw my freshman year at OU only got worse and worse >=o)

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Oh, and it's a "vav" - not a "wow". He is king "daVId" - not king "Daweth". Stinking Germans and their pronunciation of Hebrew.

It was fun coming to Hebrew I class and being asked to read Hebrew on the second or third day - and everyone is trudging through it - and it becomes my turn. The sentence starts "And the LORD. . ." so I just rattle off "Vah Ha Shem. . . " Using a "Vav" and then saying "The Name" like my Hebrew prof at OU taught me instead of trying to pronounce the divine name.

The fact that this was Summer Hebrew - and everyone knew that I was taking Latin during the summer in the morning had everyone rather freaked out. It was fun.

Bridget said...

YAY! I'm contributing to destroying civilization!

Though I'm not like most people my age with like...50 texts a day or something. I send out like..5 a week at most.

So I'm making a...small contribution to destroying life as we know it. Woot!