October 18, 2007


Tomorrow's my birthday, and my dear Kassie got a couple of "cupcake cakes" to share with the students and teachers at our school. Since I'm off to teach Latin to some of those students, I'm questioning the wisdom of loading them up with sugar beforehand!


Emily said...

Happy birthday, Pastor Esget!

I recently read a suggestion (I won't cite my dubious source, but it was in TIME) that chocolate's ability to increase blood flow may help boost memory. So enjoy the cake with your Latin students!

God bless,

Bridget said...

Sugar + kids + class. Nice. X-D

Hope you didn't have too much trouble scraping them off the ceiling.

It's not sugar you gotta keep me away from. It's caffine. I go a mile a minute after a cup of starbucks. My poor roommate last year learned real quick to keep me away from caffine.

"Hey, Rachel! Do you want some chocolate?"
"NO! Don't give her any!"

Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Marie N. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Nominative, genitive, dative, sugar...