October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Date Night

Kassie and I have an annual tradition - one night in late October, we go pick out pumpkins, enjoy Lutheran libations, and carve our pumpkins with custom designs.
This year my pious wife did a resurrection theme - butterfly and crown around a cross. After several years of more reverent pumpkins, this year I turned my attention to more mundane matters. If you can make it out, that's a "V" for Vikings atop the Viking helmet horn logo.

Here are last year's efforts - the one on the left was my attempt at a Luther Rose (it doesn't quite come out in either picture, regrettably).


Glenda said...

Love the Viking pumpkin!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I would smash the Vikings pumpkin - oh cruel world that sends my Adrian Petersen to the accursed team of Purple!

Of course, you could just tell me that the V was V as in "V for Vendetta" and that you were simply planning on celebrating Guy Fawkes' Day in a bit - and then I would probably carve one of my own.