November 20, 2007

Issues, Etc. Interview

Issues, Etc. interviewed me regarding my presentation "Driving the Devil Away" at last summer's Higher Things youth conference "For You" in Asheville, NC. You can listen to it here. Look in the archives for November 19, first hour. I'm assuming it starts about halfway through. I can't listen. My vicarage superivisor (David Nehrenz at Trinity, Norman, Oklahoma, 1995-1996) made me listen to my sermons on tape. Who can bear such torture?

This format was a new and strange experience for me. It was easily the fastest half-hour of my life. Not having a clock in front of me, I was holding back some of my material, thinking, "Oh my goodness - we've only talked for five minutes and I'm going to run out of things to say!" At about that point, Wilken was hanging up on me. Contrasted with the fellow I heard on Mike & Mike in the Morning being interviewed this morning while boarding a plane, cool as ice, it makes me feel quite the novice! Like an idiot, I had the door closed to my office with a threatening "Do Not Disturb" sign, open books sprawled out everywhere across two desks, a bunch of Bible passages I've printed out "just in case," and when it's done I realize I had prepared myself for a three-hour interview instead of thirty minutes! In any event, I wouldn't mind doing something like this again if the opportunity presented itself.

The topic ended up going in a somewhat different direction than my presentation, which was the gifts in our uniquely Lutheran spirituality that serve to drive the devil away. Perhaps I'll blog about that more extensively in the future.


The Musical Engineer said...

Better over-prepared than under-prepared, right?
I'm driving home for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and will be downloading some Issues, Etc to listen to on the way, so I'll be sure to get this one.

Pr. Scott Klemsz said...

I always listen to Issues via the podcast on iTunes. Looking forward to hearing your interview. Listening to your sermons on vicarage, yikes, glad that I was in California that year. Blessings in the journey. PSK