November 21, 2007

Join the Revolution

I thought I was the only member of the club, and I didn't realize we had a name, but I have found a kindred spirit in Lutheran Lucciola. It turns out there are many other members of the Anti-Mauve Movement, and I'm late to the party!

I agree with Carol Rutz: "The color scheme of the LCMS website reflects late-Boomer dowdiness." Ouch! The Missouri Synod, Lutheran Lucciola writes, is afflicted with PMS: "Pathetic Mauve Syndrome." Please, do it for the children: join the revolution, and stamp out the Missouri Synod's lust for all things aesthetically displeasing!


Lutheran Lucciola said...


I'm so glad you joined!!! If you have any friends in the motherland (St. Louis), please, tell them to end our misery already!

They will have to have lots of meetings, of course, but they like that kind of thing anyway, right? ;-)

elephantschild said...

Welcome to the Movement!