November 17, 2007

Miscellany: Minimalism, Magic, Blessing, Reformation

The revamped look on this blog is part of my latest attempt to minimize the clutter in my life. The "noise" of papers, pixels, and projects all around can be overwhelming. I hope you like it. I appreciate the zen-like minimalism of Pastor Weedon's blog, and would like to apply it to my life in general.

I went to the home of one of our school staff today for an open-house with a house blessing, and it was interesting to go through it as a participant but not as "the pastor." It is tempting to view such a ritual as a kind of magical incantation, but it occurred to me how much like Baptism the whole affair is. The promises of God are always there, and we invoke His name to ask Him to fulfill those promises - yet it doesn't prevent evil from taking place. The baptized person has the freedom to turn away from the gift, just as the ones dwelling in the blessed home can abandon the blessing for folly. It is imperative that the promises made by God be kept in our minds each day.

Which made me realize I don't have enough crucifixes around our condo home. When the terrors of the night come, I like to look up at the crucifix in the semi-darkness - the loving arms of the Savior stretched out to embrace the room bring a comfort like no other. We should put up crucifixes in every room, as a reminder of who we are and what the LORD has done for us. It isn't magic, but a Word spoken by art.

Hanging crucifixes everywhere I look symbolizes the personal reformation I need. I have too much clutter in my life - too much email, too many papers, too many loose ends, all crowding out the One Thing Needful. I'd like to replace the clutter with Christ.

On his way to martyrdom, Ignatius wrote, "Now I am beginning to be a disciple." I don't know what comes before it if that's the beginning, but I'd like to be a disciple too. Tomorrow is the LORD's day - a good day to start again.


Frustrierten Wikingen said...

"hold Thy Cross before my closing eyes" embraces both night and death for me. As a child I clutched a glow-in-the-dark cross which my Mother had given me. Not magic; comfort and blessing.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Hey, I just found your blog, and I like it.
I have realized my blog page is looking pretty cluttered or one might say, manic!

I will add you to my blog reads.

The Musical Engineer said...

I definitely like the new look!
I did want to bring to your attention that Backpack is still inserting an advertisement line at the end of each post in your RSS feed.