November 3, 2007

What Bugs Me

The Washington Post runs reader pet peeves in a segment called "What Bugs Me." I don't know why, but these two from a Huntley Perry cracked me up (Metro, Thursday, Nov. 1, p3):

The sign on the door in my doctor's office between the waiting room and the examination rooms reads: "Keep this door closed at all times." How does one go from the waiting room to the inner sanctum if the door is closed at all times?

They made me sign the [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] form every time I went to have blood drawn. I told them I signed it the last time. "Well, you've got to sign it again!" Then I discovered they tossed it in the circular file immediately. So I began signing as Sam Adams, the Marlboro Man, Pres. Bush, etc. They never said anything.
The Marlboro Man? Hilarious! I think I'll try it.

The reference to door signs reminds me of our main door at church. It has letter-stickers on the inside that admonish the exiting worshipper, "CLOSE DOOR TIGHT." I taped up an "LY" at the end of it a couple of years ago to make "tight" into an adverb, but it didn't last long. Sheesh! Shouldn't we have good grammar at church? (Mutters to self: "If I were the pastor here, we would...")


Presbytera said...

We also have a sign at church which read "Close Door Tight". My son added the "LY" in permanent magic marker. Just because we attend an inner city church doesn't mean we have to look - or speak - like one : )

Rev. Christopher S. Esget said...

Hmm. Permanent marker, eh? Sounds like a plan!

Kristina said...

Sharpies are indeed a magical gift from God and are obviously meant to be used for the greater good. Go for it!