December 22, 2007

Christ is all in all

Luther's sermon on tomorrow's Gospel (John 1.19-28) in the Haus Postil is shorter than usual, but very powerful. Here is an excerpt:

What I am telling you is that it is easier for us humans to believe and trust in everything else than in the man Christ, who alone is all in all, and more difficult for us to rely on him in whom and through whom we possess all things. Wealth and possessions are perishable things. Yet you can depend on it that for the sake of wealth and possessions people will kill, steal and rob, and risk life and limb. The average person is happy when he has wealth and possessions and unhappy when he does not have them. But when it comes to John the Baptist's testimony and preaching he cannot do or risk a thing. Isn't this an evil, perverse disposition?

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