December 24, 2007

O beautiful paradox!

It wasn't until some years after seminary that I began to grasp the importance behind the line from Irenaeus in Against Heresies: DEUS FACIT, HOMO FIT ("God makes, man is made"). The life of men is spent in making: making things, making money, making a name. But all of his making is idolatry if not done as one who has been made, who lives in the fear of the God who made him.

What an incredible statement, then, in the Creed: ET HOMO FACTUS EST ("and was made man"). God who makes becomes One who is made. Which is, I suppose, why the Church bids us genuflect at those awe-ful words.

This glorious truth we rejoice in again, beginning tonight: DEUS FACIT, HOMO FIT and ET HOMO FACTUS EST. O beautiful paradox! O wonderful God who was made man for my sake! Forgive my foolishness and give me a grateful heart for such a gift.

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