February 23, 2008

The biggest problem with "Relevant Church" is not the Sex Challenge

Along with everybody else, I snickered at the news of the so-called Relevant Church's "Sex Challenge." I was particularly jarred by the notion that the unmarried were being asked to abstain from sex for only thirty days. Given tomorrow's Epistle in the traditional calendar (Eph. 5.1-9), I thought I'd start off my homily blasting that. (Hey, I know that sex sells, too.) Fortunately, I had the good sense to go look at their website before actually doing it, because I think they make a pretty good point in recognizing that a lot of single people have the default practice of sexual activity before marriage, and that they in fact do advocate total abstinence.

But, then I looked deeper, and found something far more disturbing at their website, in their "Beliefs" section: They aren't Christian!

Well, they call themselves Christian, of course. But it seems to me there's a little detail regarding the doctrine of the Triune Godhead that's problematic for them. Here's their statement of faith:


Earthly experiences and spiritual realities are best understood by the roadmap we call the Bible.

Although some people call Him God, Creator, the Supreme Being, the Almighty, we can call him Father.

The person who exists to reflect God to people, with no mess-ups, gave up his own life to relieve people of their penalty for wrong doing.

God's way of cohabitating with believers. Though abstract, the spirit gives care, desire to purify lifestyle and enables skills to serve the body and the world.

Sin and Salvation
Through a personal relationship with Christ imperfect people can become whole again.

Those who experience a relationship with God become a family whose purpose is to grow, care for others, share life together, and tell people their story.

Forget about the "Sex Challenge." Their doctrine of God is the real scandal here.

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