February 13, 2008

Our Combat and Struggle

I think this passage from the Formula of Concord is good for consideration during Lent, and could give shape to our prayers:

We receive in this life only the firstfruits of the Spirit. The new birth is not complete, but only begun in us. The combat and struggle of the flesh against the spirit remains even in the elect and truly regenerate people. For a great difference can be seen among Christians. Not only is it true that one is weak and another strong in the spirit, but each Christian also experiences differences in himself. At one time he is joyful in spirit, and at another fearful and alarmed. At one time he is intense in love, strong in faith and hope, and at another time he is cold and weak.

When the baptized act against their conscience, allowing sin to rule in them, they grieve the Holy Spirit and lose Him. They do not need to be rebaptized. But they must be converted again.

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Norman Teigen said...

Wise words indeed. Thank you for posting this.

Norman Teigen