March 9, 2008

Festival of Good Preaching this Holy Week

No, not mine. (Obviously.)

Chaplains Jonathan Shaw (Army) and John Wohlrabe (Navy) are going to be preaching at Immanuel on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, respectively. These men are faithful servants of Christ, and I am grateful for their willingness to serve. I have been so blessed with chaplains who are generous with their time and supportive of me; praise God for them! This morning I was feeling horrible - I've been sick for a week, and longed to simply be in bed - and Chaplain Matthew Franke (Air Force) stepped up and did quite a bit of the liturgy for me; what a nice man, kind and generous.

But now my Minnesota Lutheran Guilt is starting to kick in. Usually Holy Week is a time when I sleep about three hours a night, churning out at least five sermons. What will I do with myself? (Maybe try to write a halfway decent Easter sermon this year.) Boy, this is great...

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