March 4, 2008

The most intercepted QB in history is history

I pop up from extreme internet lurk-mode to bring you this bit of cheer: Bret Favre is done.

Pacifist Viking's announcement is pithy. The Daily Norseman mentions it by merely saying, "Today was a good day."

And how fitting, during Laetare week? Bread in the wilderness, indeed. And now, we will speak of Captain Overrated no more.

Okay, I'm going back to work. I may or may not post something during Holy Week. Sermons have been even worse than usual lately, so best to let them die a quick death and not waste precious bandwidth on them.


Peperkorn said...

Huh, I must have missed it in your note. How many superbowls have the Vikings won again?

Susan said...

Bit of CHEER?

Christopher Esget said...

Todd, Susan:
Packers = theology of glory
Vikings = theology of the cross - we are ever-suffering, yet ever-hopeful.

Susan said...

Hey! I LIKE the theology of glory. If I can't get it at church, can't I get it somewhere??

Norman Teigen said...

Favre will return. The Packers are always looking for cheap publicity.

Norman Teigen
Viking rube

Past Elder said...

I was a Viking in the days of Bud Grant, Scramblin Fran, the Fearsome Foursome, the Purple People Eaters, and real men playing real football, outside in the snow with no bench heaters, not inside on a carpet, so to me it's all rather like the reaction to the Second Temple of those who remembered the First.

Now I am by the unmerited grace of God a Cornhusker since 1983 and my baptism by immersion at the Homecoming game that year.

But the deeper reality is, a game called football where playing the ball with the foot is the exception rather than the rule has to be a little off. Everyone knows baseball is the mind of God at sport. And there, by the even greater grace of God, I am a member of Red Sox Nation living in the Diaspora. You want to see an interfaith crisis of epic proportions, you should have seen Boston the year Passover, Good Friday and opening day of the season fell on the same day!

Luke said...

Pr. Esget:

One must have a glorious eschaton to focus on to have a theology of the cross. Looks like the Vikings fail on this count: there is no hope to look forward to.

On the other hand the Packers provide joy to their fans with a proleptic eschatology. We see the signs of glory of Super Bowls I, II, and XXXI, which allow us to endure even the great humility of losses. They are the signs of a forthcoming permanent possession of the Lombardi Trophy, when NFL championship is restored to the perfect state of its very beginning.

Vikings fans can only abandon all hope. Packers fans have the sign, pledge, and token of what is yet to come each time they come into the presence of the Lombardi Trophy. And that makes all the difference.

Pr. Luke Zimmerman
Packer fan and shareholder