March 17, 2008

Sing, My Tongue

I'm not going to redo the formatting on this, but here is a hymn for Good Friday by Fortunatus with the stanzas missing from LW and TLH. I believe the last stanza was not original, but added later. Last year, we only sang the stanzas that are in LSB (I was trying to shorten the service), but yesterday one of Immanuel's elders asked me hopefully if we were going to be singing them all. I think I got this from the Bride of Christ some years ago, but am not certain of that.

1) Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle,

Sing the ending of the fray;

Now above the Cross, the trophy,

Sound the loud triumphant lay.

Tell how Christ, the world’s Redeemer,

As a Victim won the day.

2) God in pity saw man fallen,

Shamed and sunk in misery,

When he fell on death by tasting

Fruit of the forbidden tree.

Then another Tree was chosen

Which the world from death should free.

3) Thus the schemes of our salvation

Was of old in order laid;

That the manifold deceiver’s

Art by art might be outweighed;

And the lure the foe put forward

Into means of healing made.

4) Therefore when th’ appointed fullness

Of the holy time was come,

He was sent, who maketh all things,

Forth from God’s eternal home;

Thus He came to earth, incarnate,

Offspring of the Virgin’s womb.

5) Lo! He lies an infant weeping

Where the narrow manger stands;

While the Mother-maid His members

Wraps in mean and lowly bands;

And the swaddling clothes is winding

Round His helpless feet and hands.

6) Thirty years among us dwelling,

His appointed time fulfilled

Born for this, He meets His passion,

For that this He freely willed;

On the cross the Lamb is lifted

Where His life-blood shall be spilled.

7) He endured the nails, the spitting,

Vinegar and spear and reed;

From that holy Body broken

Blood and water forth proceed;

Earth and stars and sky and ocean

By that flood from stain are freed.

8) Faithful cross, O tree all beauteous!

Tree all peerless and divine.

Not a grove on earth can show us

Such a flower and leaf as thine.

Sweet the nails and sweet the wood

Laden with so sweet a load!

9) Bend thy boughs, O tree of glory;

Thy relaxing sinews bend;

For a while the ancient rigour

That thy birth bestowed, suspend;

And the King of heavenly beauty

On thy bosom gently tend.

10) Thou alone wast counted worthy

This world’s ransom to uphold;

For a shipwrecked race preparing

Harbour, like the ark of old;

With the sacred Blood anointed

From the smitten Lamb that rolled.

11) Unto God be praise and glory

To the Father and the Son

To th’ eternal Spirit honor

Now and evermore be done;

Praise and glory in the highest

While the timeless ages run.

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