April 9, 2008

"Everything depends on the One to whom a person is converted"

Walther on 1 Peter 2.25 (part of the Epistle for Misericordia Domini):

Everything depends on the One to whom a person is converted. Converted Christians are not those who no longer sin. On the contrary, they are those who recognize themselves as sinners and who find God's grace and forgiveness through their Savior and Shepherd, Jesus Christ. They do not need to possess great knowledge or strong, heroic faith. All they need to recognize is that Jesus is their Redeemer and that they must rely on Him alone. In heavenly things, they listen neither to the wisdom of this world nor to their own reason, but only to the voice of Jesus, their Good Shepherd. As our Lord says, "My sheep hear My voice" and "They do not know the voice of strangers." They are the ones who walk with Him on the road of suffering, but they enjoy, already here on earth, a blessed peace the world cannot give.

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