April 4, 2008


Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches.


Frank said...

only as the last resort...when all else has failed.

Christopher Esget said...

Agreed. I discovered it through a parishioner of mine, who has moved to an area where the LCMS churches are... well, you know. In this family's case, this seems the best alternative.

The other ostensibly-Lutheran "alternatives" are worse than what they are reacting against; I'm hopeful this will not fall into that category.

I love your avatar, by the way.

Richard Townes said...

Just as a point of interest, Wayfarer Lutheran Church in California is a good little parish. It is where the parents of my betrothed worship (let the reader understand). The pastor there is solid.

Christopher Esget said...

Yes, I caught that.

"Betrothed"? We need to talk! ;)

Richard Townes said...

No worries pastor, we are not yet engaged. I meant the one for whom I am intended. :)