April 4, 2008

Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep

Sermon is done for Sunday - hooray! Right now I'm listening to one of the most beautiful pieces of music I own: "Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep," sung by The Cambridge Singers (John Rutter). 

These words aren't exactly what they sing, but close. Too bad it's not in LSB, as it's perfect for Misericordias Domini:

Loving Shepherd of thy sheep,
keep us all, in safety keep;
nothing can thy power withstand,
none can pluck us from thy hand.

Loving Savior, thou didst give
thine own life that we might live,
bought with blood and bought for thee,
thine, and only thine, we'd be.

We would praise thee every day,
gladly all thy will obey,
like thy bless├Ęd ones above
happy in thy precious love.

Loving Shepherd, ever near,
teach us all thy voice to hear,
suffer not our steps to stray
from the straight and narrow way.

Where thou leadest we would go,
walking in thy steps below,
till before our Father's throne
we shall know as we are known.

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