April 19, 2008

Poll Results: What does this mean?

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll for the papal visit protest sign, code name "Operation Nice Hat." For posterity, here are the results:

"95 Theses: Lege atque lacrima" was the decisive winner, with 35%. You are a militant, sassy bunch.
"Nice hat" was 9 points behind, with 26%, proving that some of you have a sense of humor.
"For we hold that a man is justified by faith apart from works of law" came in third, with 23%, proving that Lutherans get nervous about being mistaken for Baptists if they quote the Bible overmuch.
"ANTI-CHRIST" fell pitifully short, garnering only 14% of this very scientific survey. Probably you all loved this sign, but didn't want "Esget" to become a household name in Italy, at least not like that. Or else you get a little squeamish when reading the Treatise.

Happy Cantate Eve, everyone!


orthodoxy hunter said...

What does "Lege atque lacrima" mean?

Tony said...

I'm thinkin' "Anti-Christ, Nice Hat" would have been the overwhelming winner.