April 2, 2008

Silence of the Synod - Day 16

Still no response from David Strand (see the previous post on this here).

Mollie, in the comments, mentions that she has been stonewalled in her attempt to get information from the Synod:

Here are the latest round of questions that they refused to answer. I explained I needed the answers for stories I'm working on:

1) In David's "update" regarding the cancellation of Issues, Etc., he included statistics for the 2004-2005 listening audience in the St. Louis area. He also included statistics for an antiquated way of listening -- live streaming over the internet. Many of the over 5,585 (and counting) petition signers claim they listened to the show either by downloading MP3 files from the KFUO web site or, alternatively, through podcasting or other on-demand methods. Does the executive director of the BCS understand the difference between live streaming over the internet and more modern forms of technology?
1b) If so, why weren't those other forms of listening mentioned in his update?
1c) Why weren't the Arbitron ratings for Issues, Etc.'s national partners included in his update?

2) What are the numbers of downloads for Issues, Etc.?

3) What portion of the radio station's audience do these downloaded figures represent?

4) What are the numbers for podcast listeners?

5) How did the BCS calculate actual listening audience for Issues, Etc.? For instance, some congregations, pastors and lay leaders download or podcast episodes of Issue, Etc., for use in Bible studies. What is the average number of listeners per download and podcast? I have interviewed people in NYC, California, and points inbetween who say that they used Issues, Etc., in just this way.

6) What remaining nationally broadcast programs does the BCS oversee, if any?

7) What podcasting options does the BCS provide other than archived episodes of IE?

8) What was the size of the listening audience for the nationally broadcast program? In other words, what are the Arbitron ratings for the syndicated partners?

9) The online petition asking the BCS to bring back the program has been signed by people in Burkina Faso, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Sarajevo, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other countries throughout the world. What services does the BCS provide that individuals in these countries may access?

10) If you do not know the answers to these questions, please let me know a little bit about why.

11) If you do not know the answers to these questions, please help me understand how the show could be canceled without understanding the size of the audience.

12) Why was the Synodical President notified of the impending action but the Board for Communication Services was not?

13) Could you provide access to how the BCS calculated the income and expenses of Issues, Etc. and put them in context of other AM and FM programs?

14) Originally the BCS claimed that the program was cancelled for "business" and "programmatic" reasons. That was then updated to "stewardship" and "programmatic" reasons. When do you plan to release the "programmatic" reasons for the cancellation of Issues, Etc.?

Let's hope she gets some answers soon.

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