April 2, 2008

Stewardship at KFUO

There has been a stunning revelation of KFUO finances today. Click here to read about it.

The list of questions for Mr. Strand keeps growing.

UPDATE: These graphs show pictorially what appears to be significant corruption in the accounting of KFUO - accounting that was used to justify the firing of Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz, and the cancellation of Issues, Etc.


Mollie said...

I wish I could say I was surprised but those books look exactly like what we were given when I served on the BCS. We questioned the station management -- and even began cracking down on the mismanagement of the station. However, our efforts at making systematic changes at the station were fought by other elements within Synodical bureaucracy.

I know for a fact that David Strand knows about the questions raised regarding the books because I and other BCS members raised them in meetings where he was present.

It does rather boggle the mind how Jeff and Todd could be fired on the basis of a ledger sheet that's got as many red flags as this one . . .

Christopher Esget said...

I wonder if others, higher than David Strand, knew that these books appear to be in severe disarray (at best).

Mollie said...

In all honesty, I think that the responsibility for these books should rest with Dennis Stortz, the station manager, and David Strand, his boss.

Stortz is responsible as the station manager for these books and Strand is responsible because he's known for years they are in horrible shape.

Again, why did Jeff and Todd get fired for the mismanagement of their bosses? It just doesn't make sense.

Christopher Esget said...

If that is true, then the wrong people got fired.