April 4, 2008

"Truth as the product of church bylaws"

The Wall Street Journal has published President Kieschnick's letter to the editor in response to Mollie Ziegler Hemingway's article ... and a few others. Ed Popyk writes: "It is highly ironic that the church that claims direct lineage to Martin Luther, defines truth as the product of church bylaws and bureaucratic processes apart from Scripture, rather than the Scriptures themselves (Sola Scriptura). This is the very same church-politic mindset Martin Luther found himself battling against 500 years ago."  Ouch!


Past Elder said...

This is the most telling and revealing comment made on the whole thing, an issue even deeper than the "shot across the bow" of confessional Lutheranism.

I linked to it on my own blog.

Thanks for posting it.

Christopher Esget said...

You're welcome - and thanks for reading!