April 14, 2008

Violating Christian fellowship

I had forgotten how wonderful Giertz is!

When people in the name of revival take up arms against the order of worship itself, they are violating the Christian fellowship. Often this is done in the name of liberty. But the freedom that is desired will mean a lack of freedom for the greater number of people. It will mean that certain pet interests shall characterize that which should be the common possession of all. One demands the right to celebrate worship according to one's own pattern. Denied this, one does not feel at home and may leave the fellowship. It is just here that the un-Christian character of this attitude is seen, and it is here that every churchly movement must stand the test. When revival piety in the church is unwilling to live in the framework of the liturgy in the common service of worship, it has placed itself outside the fellowship of the church and can no longer be counted as a living movement of the church of Christ.

-from "Liturgy and Spiritual Awakening"


wmc said...

This is a faithful statement, worthy of all acceptance.

Rev. Alex Klages said...

This is why we need more Giertz translated into English.

The Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Thank you. I linked to this on my blog and wrote about an experience that it called to mind.

Christopher Esget said...

Yes, more Giertz! Isn't Charlie H. working on that?