May 9, 2008

IMPORTANT: New location -

This blog has moved to - please update your links, bookmarks, and feed reader subscriptions. Please visit, say hello, and invite your friends!

UPDATE: If you read blogs in a feed reader such as Google Reader, you can subscribe to the blog by entering the feed


Anonymous Lutheran said...

I seem to be unable to post comments there at the moment, so I'll mention here that you've lost Atom/RSS feeds in the move. I use Google Reader for all my blog reading, and this means I can no longer read your blog that way. =(

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Wordpress also has RSS feeds.

His post feed is:

And his comments feed is:

Pr. Esget, may I be on your blogroll? :)

Christopher Esget said...

Sure thing, Dan. And thanks for posting the link to the feed. I'm sure I'll figure out soon how to put a more obvious link to that.

A.L., I use google Reader too. It's the only way to go! :)